My name is Augustina GlinskytÄ— and I am a freelance UX/UI and web designer living in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I love working with brands or people who aim to be different, are brave and look for unconventional solutions for their web and their brand.

What I do

Web design

When all you need is a beautiful website.


When creating beautiful website is not enough – you need some (or a lot) of intricate functionality.


When website is not enough – you need a brand that would work outside the website.


When all you need is an outside opinion about your website and your brand.

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More about me

Not to be cheesy, but I love traveling. I also love photography and videography, computer games and fashion. I am driven by passion for visual expression, constant need to learn and my curious personality. I graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts with a bachelor degree in Photography and Media Arts and spend two years teaching people and companies how to do Web design and UI/UX.